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Emmy award winning ship


Black TV producer on way to Emmys party mistaken for bank robber, handcuffed, held for six hours
An African-American film producer in Beverly Hills for an Emmy pre-party was handcuffed and detained for around six hours on Friday night as police believed he fit the description of a suspect in a nearby bank robbery.
Charles Belk said he left a restaurant alone to refill a parking meter when he was suddenly surrounded by six police cars “handcuffed very tightly, fully searched for weapons, and placed back on the curb,”  he wrote on his Facebook page with an accompanying photo of him sitting on the curb as two police officers stand close by. 


Sherlock: Martin Freeman’s delight at Emmy haul. [X

I’ve transcribed only a couple of questions

Interviewer: How did you hear that in fact you had won the Emmy?
Martin: I got a text from my American agent and she said You’ve just won. I was Ah, very very nice. And then I went to sleep, and then woke up to find that Ben had won and Steven Moffat had won. And Fargo has also done really well, you know both shows I was in that had been nominated did really well so I was very pleased about that.

Interviewer: Sherlock of course, back next year. Filming starts in January. I suppose all we know at this stage is that it will definitely be full of surprises, do you know much more than that?
Martin: Yeah. Well we know a bit more than that but obviously nothing I would say or could explain as eloquently as Steven Moffat or Mark Gatiss could. Yeah but it’s going to be full of surprises for you and for us and for everybody, I think that’s what they are really good at and I think that we just know to expect the unexpected now but within the parameters of a world we all sort of know and love quite well and we know this characters pretty well and we know the world that they inhabit and what’s been explained to me and Ben and to Amanda Abbington my miss who plays Mary has been very very exciting. The plans that they’ve got for the sort of the overarching series is… Oh! Man… it’s just.. it’s just so exciting!

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London by voldy92

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"Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born."

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"Marry someone who accepts you and your gay porn."

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I’m Laughing Omfg 🙈😂🙊

premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

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Life in a tourist town.